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A chef shares 2 easy fish recipes straight from Goan kitchens

A chef shares 2 easy fish recipes straight from Goan kitchens

Goan cuisine is all about fresh ingredients, especially seafood. Those of you familiar with Goa’s restaurants, beach cafes and shacks would know the varieties of seafood we serve. The fish varieties include mackerels, sardines, snappers, ray fish and barramundi, while mussels, squids, prawn, lobsters, and mud crabs are varieties of shellfish commonly found in the region.

Very few people realise that Goa’s native population consists of Catholics and Hindus, and the recipes from both kitchens differ greatly. Goan Hindu cuisine uses more of tamarind, fresh coconut, jaggery, kokum, curry leaves and pickles along with fresh vegetables and seafood. Goan Catholics on the other hand, use toddy, vinegar, and more of spices and meat in their food.

Here are 2 easy recipes for you to try out. One is a Goan Catholic delicacy and the other a Goan Hindu favourite.
Mackerel Dangar
Pronounced as daangar, these fish cutlets from the Goan Hindu cuisine are the perfect balance of sweet and sour. You can snack on them, or make a meal out of them with a side dish of rice.
1 kg mackerel
150 gms onion
150 gms boiled potato
50 gms ginger
75 gms lemongrass
50 gms kaffir lime leaves
50 gms galangal
20 gms turmeric powder
150 gms rawa
50 gms racheado paste*
100 gms mayonnaise
2 bay leaves
25 gms chickpea flour (besan)
25 ml refined oil
Blanch fish with ginger, galangal, lemongrass roots, turmeric powder, bay leaves and salt. Debone the fish and add the mashed boiled potatoes. Heat oil in a pan and add chopped onions. Saute for a while and add turmeric powder, besan and cook till brown. Remove from heat. Mix with mashed fish and potatoes. Add chopped kaffir lime leaves, chopped lemongrass, and make small patties. Coat the patties with rawa and shallow fry in a pan. Serve with a mix of recheado paste with mayonnaise.

Tandoori Pomfret Recheado

The word recheado literally means stuffing in Portuguese. Goan Catholics, especially the ones with Portuguese ancestry, use this spicy paste to stuff fish as well as meat.
2 large pomfrets
150 gms recheado paste*
50 gms ginger-garlic paste
20 gms roasted chana dal powder
50 gms hung curd
50 ml lemon juice
Salt, to taste
Make cuts on both the sides of the pomfrets, marinate with ginger garlic paste, lemon juice and salt for 6 hours. Make a second marinade with hung curd, recheado paste, and roasted chana dal powder. Stuff the marinade into the cuts of the pomfrets. Skewer and cook in tandoor on moderate heat. Serve with mint chutney.
You don’t have to go to Goa to get a taste of Goan food. Try out these recipes and create your own coastal experience at home. Of course, you must travel to Goa to enjoy the real thing, but nothing beats a platter of delicious food from the region in your own home.
* Recheado paste is made using ginger, garlic, Kashmiri chilli, cumin seeds, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, fenugreek seeds,mustard seeds, turmeric powder, coconut feni, white wine vinegar, sugar and salt. The masala mix is available in gourmet food stores such as Le Marche and Modern Bazaar.
Chef Jitendra Singh Rathore is the Head Chef at Hyatt Place, Goa.

Source – http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/goa-cuisine-2-recipes-dangar-recheado-mackerel-pomfret-kokum-feni-hyatt-candolim-goan-catholics-hindus-portuguese/1/678529.html

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