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Adventure clubs and outdoor learning

Adventure clubs and outdoor learning

There was a time when kids could never be found inside their houses in the evenings; they would be found only on the playgrounds. There was no sitting inside to watch television or to play video games. Even during holidays, kids would get together and set out on hikes to explore their surroundings and nature. Well, it’s sad that the same isn’t true for all kids today. The world has become so tech-savvy that children are hardly seen playing on the playgrounds, rather, they spend most of their time glued to their computers and tablets. This situation brings out a very serious issue – lack of outdoor learning. There is a need to re-introduce our children to the fun of outdoor activities and little adventures. And this is where the role of organisations and clubs that promote adventure activities amongst children comes into picture.

Goa, being a place full of natural wonders, has a number of organisations that arrange adventure activities. Off Trail Adventures is one such club that takes special efforts to direct kids towards adventures by organising school scouts and guides camps as well as many other adventure activities like rock climbing, Himalayan treks and so on. Bianca Dias, owner of the organisation, feels that outdoor learning is essential for the overall development of youngsters as it looks into various things like leadership, self-confidence, decision-making, coping with challenges and other life skills. She says, “When you are at a camp, nobody tells you what to do and how to do it. You must do everything all by yourself. This enables the children to take risks, a skill necessary in real life.”

As far as Goa is concerned, most of these activities are aimed at tourists. But according to Emmanuel Ferre of Goa Jungle Adventures, though tourists are the main contingent of their customers, the number of locals taking part in their tours is increasing gradually.

It is also great to see that along with the ‘paying’ customers, these clubs and companies also provide affordable or free activities for the kids in local schools. For instance, Goa Jungle Adventures had organised such an event at Tudal High School in Gaodongrim, Canacona. As Ferre puts it, “These events are held as a reward to the schools that promote environment protection courses, as we believe that protection of nature, where our activities take place, is a very important matter in Goa.”

Due to rapid urbanisation, it’s hard to find any nature in close proximity and thus there is a great chance that our kids might get more and more disconnected from the environment with passing years. However, thanks to the organisations that promote outdoor learning, we can still see a ray of hope for our future generations to experience nature like we did, at least to some extent.

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