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Anjuna Flea Market

Anjuna Flea Market

Every Wednesday a flea market is held at Anjuna beach. This market is very popular among the tourists and is big and spread over the Anjuna coast line where everything under the sun can be found.

The origins of the Flea market are dedicated to the Hippies who usually frequented the beach from the early 1960’s along with their craze for trance music. They usually partied the whole night at Anjuna and danced and listened to music. The trend of the flea market came into existence ever since the Hippies started selling second hand goods in the hope of buying new articles.

The Anjuna flea market is notorious also for drug peddlers although this has decreased due to the frequent raids by the local cops. One can buy anything from a second hand bike to miniature items like cellular phones, cameras etc, have a haircut, eat and feast on delicious Goan and other cuisines besides get tattooed on the choicest places on the skin. It is a place wherein you can go on a shopping spree till you get tired and want no more. Other flea markets found in Goa are the Mackies Saturday Night Bazaar and the Ingo’s Saturday Night Bazaar at Arpora wherein different items ranging from alcoholic breweries to famous Goan Sausages and farm products besides jute, leather and ceramics. Read More+

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