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Arvalem Waterfall, Goa

Arvalem Waterfall, Goa

The monsoons are the best time to visit the lesser known Arvalem waterfalls in Sanquelim. Located at a ten minute
drive from the Aravalem caves, the 50 metre drop offers a breathtaking sight. The waters gush down into a sizeable
lake whose banks offer the perfect picnic spot. The Rudreshwar temple in the vicinity adds to the beauty and charm
of the area. From the temple steps you can look up to this formidable force of mother nature.

Getting there:
There are number of buses from Mapusa and Panaji to Aravalem. The nearest bus station to the Arvalem waterfall is the KTC bus station at Mapusa. You can also take cab or motorbike on rent from Mapusa or Panaji to reach the waterfall.

Time: Sunday – Saturday, 8 AM – 4 PM

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