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Devachi Adnya delves on fulfillment of God’s directive

Devachi Adnya delves on fulfillment of God’s directive

‘Devachi Adnya’, a tiatr written, directed by Diogo Fernandes and presented by Dramatic Troupe of Ribandar, speaks about the fulfillment of God’s directive when in a dilemma.
The curtain unfolds with a jam session at industrialist Richa Mendonca (Merlyn Rodrigues)’s residence in Mumbai. Richa suggests that her only son Peter (Henzil Cardoz), who is an established doctor, should not hesitate to tie the knot with his reporter friend Lydia (Zenobia Aguiar).
But Peter instantly declines with an excuse that he has to complete his doctoral thesis and research work, before he takes another major step in life. He comes down to Goa and while practicing, encounters an insane woman Alina (Princilla Lobo) at the hospital.
Dr Peter picks up this patient to carry forward his research work and with the assistance of Dr Nelly (Charmaine Fernandes) studies the intricate case meticulously.
With the medication allotted by the earlier doctor, Dr Peter finds that there’s no improvement in Alina. He decides to work out his own strategy, by studying her past history.
Now, with the new methodology of Dr Peter, will Alina recover from her illness? In an effort to cure his patient, will the medical practitioner equally succeed in tracing his roots? On discovering the truth, to whom will Dr Peter return—the biological or the adoptive mother?
‘Devachi Adnya’ has a good storyline, with ample dose of suspense, leaving the spectator glued to the seat till the concluding scene. Flashbacks and shadow images help the story to move forward.
The writer-director has thrown light on the traditional village life, besides modern living in a metropolitan city. But introduction of monologue distances the facet of tiatr and makes the actual representation of ‘nattak’ come alive on stage.
There are fine performances from Henzil, Zenobia, Merlyn and Charmaine. Cleophas Caiado as the disabled and Apolina Dias are apt in their characters. But among all the artistes, Princilla as an insane steals the show with her natural acting and prompt dialogue delivery.
Heston, Lolita, Asmita and Snehal form a perfect quartet for some lighter and comical moments on stage.
Besides a duo by Meyvan and Maithan Baretto, a duet by Henzil Cardozo and Samenca Rebello, the concluding duet by Lincoln Araujo and Charmaine Fernandes and a solo by Godfrey Peixoto were entertaining.
Stage sets by Austin Rodrigues and light design by Keshav Kerkar need to be commended. Vitorino Araujo and his team provided good live music.

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