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Dinesh Bhonsle speaks on his National Award winning Konkani film

Dinesh Bhonsle speaks on his National Award winning Konkani film

Dinesh Bhonsle is glad that his latest creative offering Enemy has won a National Award for best Konkani film.

Sharing his happiness, director-writer says: “It is wonderful to get a National Award, more so because my uncle Waman Bhonsle was the first film editor to get a National Award. It is really nice to see a painful subject like Enemy Property Act being appreciated by the jury. It concerns a lot of young Catholics living in Goa, whose grandparents or great grandparents had gone to Pakistan during the partition, leaving vast properties and bungalows in Goa. After their demise in Pakistan, their relatives are getting notices to vacate those properties. My film is set in the backdrop of Christmas. The protagonist, an army officer, comes to Goa to celebrate Christmas and finds that his grandparents’ home is taken away by the government and they are declared as enemies through a public notice.” This is Bhonsle’s third film after Marmambandh in Marathi and Kalapur in Hindi. Ask him about his next, and the filmmaker says: “It will be a commercial Hindi comedy. I’m going to love making it as much as my other films although the responsibility is more now after Enemy getting a National Award.”

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