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DJ Lloyd’s in da House

DJ Lloyd’s in da House

Lloyd Gueizelar owes it all to Bombay, the city of dreams. It’s here that the Disc Jockey sailed through his struggling days at the Oberoi towers way back in 1991 before growing into Bollywood’s numero uno DJ. Having made his presence felt for over two decades, DJ Lloyd has worked with artists ranging from Britney Spears and Diana King to Shaan and Sonu Nigam. Graduating from the age of techno music through trance, house and hip hop, he finally found his calling in Bollywood and thus Bombay Bounce was born. On being asked, why the Bounce, he says, “Bombay has been the platform for movies, entertainment and more. There is an excitement in the air of Bombay and the upbeat element makes you bounce. This is what keeps life happening here.”

In case you still can’t place him, he is the same guy who did the remix version of recent bollywood songs like Gal Meethi Meethi Bol, Radha Likes to Party and Malhari (Bajirao Mastani). Hailing from a family of musicians, it was not hard for Llyod to make something of his passion for the beat and the bass. The managing partner of Nyex Club, Goa, says he kick started his DJing career in 1991 at the Oberoi towers, which happened to be one of the five popular professional night clubs in Bombay way back, “There was no formal training institute then and we had to learn from our seniors or simply by playing on the console.”
However, it was only in 1998 that he represented India in the World DJ Mixing Championship, where he was the first runner up for two years — closely vying with musical biggies like Eight track, DJ Craze and Cutmaster Swift for the crown.

Evolving with new challenges and trends, has made him a survivor, he confesses. Soon after the nineties he speaks about the change in the musical palate of the India audience to Psychedelic music and Trance, which was a huge trend in early 2000. Today, he says a lot of mainstream music is the order of the day.

So, what makes him the most loved in India? “I do a good blend of Bollywood with electronic. Folk music is critical and you need to have some element of folk connect. You can be successful anywhere, if you are successful in India,” he says with a laugh.

Celebrity and music usually go hand in hand and even DJ Lloyd made that connection soon after the DMC win. After all, he had worked with Diana King in 1998. He has also produced a song for Britney Spears and Sonu Nigam in the album I Wanna Go. “I realised that international celebrities are humble and they appreciate the artiste. On the other hand, our industry only supports music companies and not the artistes. It is difficult for an artiste to survive in India until they have the backing of a record label. That’s one of the biggest problems.”

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