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Don’t Tell Yourself You’ve Been To Goa If You Haven’t Had These 10 Mind Blowing Experiences

Don’t Tell Yourself You’ve Been To Goa If You Haven’t Had These 10 Mind Blowing Experiences

A little beach hopping, lazing at the shacks, partying at Tito’s and a few sips of Feni – that about covers your itinerary if you’re a tourist in Goa. But if you’re a real traveller you wouldn’t be satisfied with just that.

To feel the beating pulses of Goa, you have to dig a little deeper and look for the places that are beyond a tourist’s perspective.

So here are some of the most amazing and offbeat places in Goa and if you’re going to miss them you have seen nothing:

1. Visit the Butterfly Conservatory in Ponda
On your way back from the lush spice plantations of Goa you can visit the Butterfly Conservatory and see the most happy and colourful fluttering things in the world. And not just stand and watch, you can feed those beautiful beings with juicy fruits and watch them cheerfully gathering nectar.

2. Play with Elephants and Walk Through the Fragnent Spice Plantation
The spice plantations are some of the most offbeat place to visit in Goa. Walk through aromatic fresh plantation and learn about various spices. Savoi plantations and Sahakar Spice Farm are the two of the most famous plantations that you must visit. Apart from enjoying the natural beauty and walking through the plantation you also get to play with the majestic tuskers. Give them a bath or sit on their back while the splash you with water.

3. Go on an Exhilarating Crab Catching Trip
Crab catching is no child’s play! Don’t want to get your hands dirty? Scared of getting a little snap? Well, then it’s not your cup of tea. With homemade nets called ‘Kobblem’ you set up traps for the crabs and catch them in the Goan backwaters or the sea side. There are various crab catching tours that takes place in Goa or you could just make a local friend in one of the villages and tag along with them for a little adventure.

4. Go on a Romantic Mandovi River Sunset Cruise
The Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) runs different of river cruises on the Mandovi river during daytime, sunset and moonlight. If you want to take a day cruise, there are two kinds- one from the Panaji jetty down the Mandovi into the Zuari bay and second is up the Mandovi to Aldona and a mineral water spring.

There are also a few private firms that offer a variety of exclusive cruises or boat tours for sunset views as well as for crocodile or dolphin spotting.

5. Island Hopping and Experiencing the Goan Rural Scene
Far from the city din and the rowdy tourists these secluded islands of Goa are perhaps the most beautiful part of the state. Multiple ferry rides away, these villages welcome you with old Portuguese-style houses dotting the landscape, lush vegetation and a quaint environment. Indulge in the local ambiance, hog on some of the most delicious bakeries you’ve ever tried and interact with the lovely locals.

6. Play with the Delightful Dolphins
Dolphin sighting is one of the most wonderfully offbeat things to do in Goa. Not many people know of this amazing activity here and is often ignored. The cruises usually start from Fort Aguada, Sinquerim or Panaji Jetty. If you’re allowed you can also take a dip in the sea and play with these lovely creatures but only if the adequate safety arrangements are made.

7. Feel the Chills in the Eerie Environs of Devil’s Canyon
They say a demon use reign at this place having control over every living creature in the area including the fishes. However, when a local duped the demon and stole his fishes, the area was cursed. Even today when you go to the place you can feel it’s eerie vibes and the uncanny silence. The turbulent river flowing in a deep gorge with various rock faces are infamous for taking the lives of many swimmers. Visit this offbeat place in Goa, if spooky adventure is your thing.

8. Walk through the Dark Passages of the Goan Caves
Few people know that there are surreal caves in Goa and that they have great historic and natural importance. Some among these caves are even man made. Some of the most important Goan caves that you must check out are: The Arvalem Caves, The Lamgau Caves and The Rivona Caves. The next time you visit Goa don’t miss out on caving.

9. Witness the Ruins of Cabo De Rama and the Breathtaking Sea Views
Said to be Goa’s oldest fort, Cabo De Rama has been conquered too many time in the starting from the Hindus to the Mughals to the Portuguese. The chapel and barracks were built by the Portuguese after conquering it in 1700. Even though the fort is not very well kept and not very well known among tourists, you can see mind blowing views of the sea from every corner of the fort.

10. Kayaking in the Goan Backwaters
There’s nothing like rowing across the charming creeks crossing the villages of northern Goa. Enjoy nature at it’s tranquil best and carve some beautiful memories.

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