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Downpour turns Dhangarwada into an island

Downpour turns Dhangarwada into an island

Fifty families, whose live revolved around dairy farming, are cut off from the world, because the only bridge in the village gets submerged; Students are forced to miss classes, exams

Rains bring respite to many but for the residents of Dhangarwada, Advalpal the heavy downpour means a nightmare as their connectivity to the village is totally broken because of flooding.
Dhangarwada in Advalpal is a small village of about 50 families and their main profession is dairy farming. The residents here do not have proper road and during heavy rainfall the small low-lying bridge overflows cutting their access to Assonora.
“For more than 50 years we have been demanding the government to raise the level of the bridge and construct proper road but no one is paying heed to our requests,” said Mathura Desai, an senior woman from the village.
The only option for the villagers to cross the river is by climbing over the nearby canal getting on the other side. “There are many youngsters who climb over the canal pipes and cross the river but for us it is impossible and we cannot do it. It is like risking our lives as the height of the canal is more than 30 mts and if one falls from there he would surely get drowned,” Mathura explains.
Such has been the situation of the villagers that their connectivity to Assonora is totally hampered when the lone bridge gets filled with water. “During rainy season the bridge is covered with the overflowing water. If anyone falls sick no ambulance is ready to come over the flooded bridge. We do have no option but to lift him and cross the river,” said Bindiya Mhapsekar.
Most of the students who study in schools and colleges have to come to Assonora but during heavy rainfall they have to miss the classes. “It is impossible to cross this river during heavy rainfall and flooding forces the students to miss their classes during those days. There have been instances where they have also missed their exams because of heavy downpour,” Bindiya added.
As per the villagers they have approached the government several times but nothing fruitful has come out from this. “The earlier MLA had promised us to solve the problem and the file for constructing the road had been moved but nothing happened after that. We have now approached the CM and the local MLA to solve our problem and are hopeful that the government would come out with some solution to this problem,” said Sarpanch, Narayan Salgaonkar, who incidentally also represents the same ward.
This article was first pubished on Herald newspaper on 24th July 2017

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