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Former Goa CM’s son is King Momo for next carnival

Former Goa CM’s son is King Momo for next carnival

Former Goa Chief Minister Francisco Sardinha’s son Shalom has been selected to be King Momo for the carnival festivities that will be held between February 6-9 in the coastal state.

The 35-year-old MBA graduate was among the several people who were vying for the coveted post of ‘King Momo’, a mythological character who rules Goa during carnival days.

“I am very happy to have the honour of becoming King Momo. It is most coveted role and close to the heart of the Goans,” Shalom told PTI.

Shalom is the second one from his family to become King Momo. The first one was his father in the year 1974 before he went to become Chief Minister and even a Member of Parliament.

The King Momo heads the traditional float parades organised by Goa state tourism department in four major cities including Panaji.

“I was interviewed bypanel of experts before the selection. They asked me how much I know about the carnival and also other details,” he said.

“Shalom Sardinha has been chosen as King Momo for this year’s carnival,” an official from Goa Tourism department said.

For Shalom, this is not the first time that he will be wearing dress of King Momo.

“Earlier, my picture with King Momo attire was printed on the UK travel brochure,” said Shalom, who unsuccessfully contested 2014 Lok Sabha election as independent candidate from South Goa.

“It is not you suddenly became a minister in the cabinet that you can do welfare of the people. But certainly in a customary way, I will be heading the State. The message will be of peace and Joy,” he added.

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