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Goa govt to consult Church on better preservation of heritage

Goa govt to consult Church on better preservation of heritage

Panaji, Oct 23 State Archives and Archaeology Minister Vijai Sardesai today said the Goa government would consult the Church to get their feedback on better preservation of world heritage monuments at Old Goa.

Old Goa which is located nine kms from here has World Heritage Monuments which are protected by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

The monuments are attraction for the visitors who come here from world over.

“We will be drafting a master plan for the World Heritage Monuments at Old Goa and will take into confidence Archbishop of Goa for that,” Sardesai told reporters here today.

He said that the preservation of World Heritage Monuments has been a priority for the state government.

The minister said that the state will ban all kind of illegal constructions around these monuments.

In yet another assurance, Sardesai said the state-of the-art facility will be built to house records including birth and death certificates which are dating back as old as 15th century.

He said that the digitisation of these records is also taken up by the state government to preserve them for posterity.

The minister said Goa has distinction of having world’s one of the oldest archives and it is duty of the state government to preserve it.

“There may be some international mafias’ who try to destroy the archives. It has happened in the past in other places and we cannot allow this to happen in Goa. We cannot allow history to repeat itself,” Sardesai said.


This article was first published on outlookindia on 23th Oct 2017

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