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Hot summer for India, not Goa

Hot summer for India, not Goa

Panaji: While the Indian meteorological department (IMD) warned that the summer of 2016 will see unusually high temperatures being recorded, the officials of Goa meteorology department have said that the prediction is mostly applicable to parts of northern and central India and regions which are land-locked. Met official N Haridasan said that Goa can expect summer temperatures similar to those experienced last year.

Haridasan said that in case of coastal states like Goa the proximity to sea brings some relief from the scorching heat.

At present, Goa has recorded a maximum temperature of 35 degree Celsius, which is three degrees above the normal reading for this period, for the state. But met officials said that this is normal fluctuation in temperature expected in Goa during the summer.

A minimum temperature of 25 degree Celsius was recorded this week, which is a degree above the usual temperatures recorded during this time of the year. Humidity has also risen during April in Goa at 83%, which is five percent above normal.

Met department officials said that a lack of clouding during the day in summer meant that incoming solar radiation would be felt more intensely.

Summer arrived in Goa on March 1. The maximum and minimum temperatures in the state remained steady all through March at 33 degree Celsius and 24 degrees Celsius, respectively. But the advent of April has had its impact on temperatures.

The state experienced its hottest summer day on April 7, 1989, when a temperature of 39.8C was recorded.

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