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Ketevan World Sacred Music Festival begins in Old Goa

Ketevan World Sacred Music Festival begins in Old Goa

Ketevan World Sacred Music Festival, combining musical traditions from different eras from the East and the West, kicked off at Old Goa near in Panji today (February 19).

The two-day event offers music programmes, courses and conferences with artists from several traditions around the world including Carnatic, Christian, Sufi, Hindustani, Jewish, Orthodox and many others.

Artists like Rakesh Chaurasia (flute), Debashish Bhattacharya (slide guitar), Santiango Girelli (orchestra conductor from Argentina), Rocio De Frutos (soprano from Spain) and Leo Rossi (violinist from Argentina) are participating.

The musicians today interacted with school children and women inmates of destitute homes in the state.
While one group visited Lourdes Convent and St Xavier’s Vidyalaya in Saligao and Korgao, another set of musicians visited ‘ASHA Mahal’ destitute home in Taleigao and the Santa Cruz school in Santa Cruz.
Acclaimed violinist Rossi, along with viola player Pablo Trave, violin cello player Jose Luis Tarin and Mumbai-based violinist, Dielle Braganza regaled the inmates of the ASHA Mahal and later had the children of the Santa Cruz school in a thrall.

Michelle, one of the inmates said, “I have never heard such heavenly music before. God bless these lovely people for coming to our home today”.

Soccorinha Fernandes, manager, ASHA Mahal said, “These musicians play in international concerts. That they came to our destitute home to share their joy, exhibits their humaneness”.

At the Santa Cruz school, the musicians played Mozart to thunderous applause from children.

School teacher Bernadette Diniz said, “We are indeed lucky to have these accomplished musicians visiting us to perform here. This is such a big inspiration for our little children”.

Visiting American choir teacher Nicky Manlove hailed Rossi for the performance.

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