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Mushrooms still costly

Mushrooms still costly
PONDA: The monsoons have brought in the mouth watering mushrooms to Ponda market. Hitherto, its availability was scarce, hence, fetched a price anywhere between Rs 800 and Rs 1000 for per packet of 50 pieces.
This time the availability of mushroom appears little easy as its price has come down to Rs 550 per packet.
Still, mushroom is a luxurious food affordable only by the rich and beyond the reach of common man.
Vendors at the Ponda market said since the mushroom is in high demand, it is costly.
Further, one has to spend days in search of mushrooms in the jungles.
“We purchase the mushrooms from local youth and sell it by keeping a profit margin of Rs 100-150 per packet,” said a vendor.
However, the price of mushroom falls to Rs 480 per packet, late in the evening

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