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Musicians hail Ketevan Music Fest in Old Goa

Musicians hail Ketevan Music Fest in Old Goa

Renowned flautist Rakesh Chaurasia, who is performing at the ongoing Ketevan World Sacred Music Festivalin old Goa, feels that the event has served as a unique platform to bring diverse artistes together.

The three-day long festival began last evening in the ancient precincts of Old Goa in the Church Heritage Complex.

It includes music programme courses and conferences with artists from several traditions around the world including Carnatic, Christian, Sufi, Hindustani, Jewish, Orthodox and other forms.

“The Ketevan Music festival is unique as the organisers have managed to bring together musicians from such diverse backgrounds. I have seldom come across music festivals which are so diverse and yet similar in nature,” Chaurasia told reporters here.

He said musicians should consider themselves fortunate and blessed as they could team up with fellow musicians from across the world and make music without understanding each other’s language or customs.

Italian musician Paolo Pacciolla, who performed at the festival along with his dance partner Luisa Spagna said, “The Ketevan music festival is one of its kind because it has brought the best of eastern and western music under one roof.”

Spagna, who is an Odissi exponent said, “Both Paolo and I have been coming to India continuously for over 20 years and absolutely love the country, its traditions and its people. It is a very special country.”

The festival began with performances by Pacciolla and Spagna, followed by a solo performance by Vienna-based pianist Marialena Fernandes inside St Monica Church.

Today,the Seville chamber choir of Spain will display their skills under the stewardship of music conductor Santiago Lusardi inside the St Anthony’s Chapel opposite the St Augustine’s Ruins.

The action then shifts to the magnificent St Augustine Ruins, where there will be an East-West fusion performance by sitar maestro Ustad Chote Rahimat Khan and guitar player Ignacio Monteverde.

Popular flautist Rakesh Chaurasia will bring down the curtains today with a performance at the same venue.

The final evening on Sunday will unfold with Goa University choir and the Bombay Symphony orchestra perform under the stewardship of music conductor, Santiago Lusardi inside the St Monica Church.

The grand finale has been reserved for the young and talented with Mumbai based pianist Utsav Lal scheduled to present Indian ragas on the piano at the St Augustine Ruins.

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