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No more music festivals in Goa during the Christmas-New Year period

No more music festivals in Goa during the Christmas-New Year period

One of the biggest reasons most of us prefer travelling to Goa during the year-end is because we just love welcoming the new year by grooving to the tunes of the popular electronic dance music (EDM) festivals that are held at the beach destination.

But things won’t be the same anymore, as these festivals won’t be allowed in Goa during the festive week of Christmas and New Year, Tourism Minister Dilip Parulekar said on Thursday, claiming that such events lead to chaos in Goa during “peak season”.

“At that time so many tourists are in Goa to celebrate New Year or Christmas. We do not want these EDM events at that time. It should be organised before or after that period,” Parulekar told reporters at the State secretariat.

Goa has been the most sought-after year-end destinations for thousands of music lovers from different parts of the country who love to attend popular Sunburn and Supersonic festivals among others.

Although this decision won’t make too many travellers happy, putting a ban to such events being organised in the period from December 25 to December 30 became a necessity as they were criticised by the Opposition as well as civil society groups, because of the traffic congestion and pressure on public infrastructure, especially a time when tourism activity in the state is already at its peak.

Parulekar also said that the state government had floated a tender seeking large open spaces from private individuals for hosting of the music events, so that public discomfort is minimised.

“The Goa Tourism Development Corporation has invited tenders from people who have large tracts of land for organizing such events. We will offer the land to the event organisers and charge them for it,” Parulekar said.

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