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Second edition of Serendipity Arts Festival commences in Goa

Second edition of Serendipity Arts Festival commences in Goa

PANAJI: The revolutionary performing arts festival ‘Serendipity Arts Festival Goa 2017′ is set to fire up Goa’s finest and elite art connoisseurs and marvel audiences with acts that have never been presented on an international stage before. The festival features a plethora of effects like multiple venues, magnificent stage sets, architecturally built to transform Panjim for audience delight, and seamless surface transport connectivity; the festival will showcase 70 performing art genres such as various art forms and performances by known artists and upcoming artists, all sharing one platform.

The itinerary is curated to address and satiate an art lovers’ imagination and the beginning of a journey into the world of incredible content. The deluge of creativity breaks all barriers in the cultural culinary art forms thoughtfully curated by renowned artists of the likes of Lillete Dubey and Anuradha Kapur, which showcases an immersive experience, the Ranjit Hoskoteand Riyas Komu show which brings together young artists from across the vast landscape of India, mesmerizing photography curated by the famous Dinesh Khanna and Prashant Panjiar, and Odette Mascaren has and Manu Chandra, two scintillating chefs, who bring alive the culinary section with delectable and sumptuous local cuisines coupled with exquisite meal experiences.
India’s modern and classic acts come together as Sanjeev Bhargava, Tanusree Shankar, Shubha Mudgal and Ranjot Barot serenade people with myriad musical pieces composed to transform the music lover’s paradise with a special line-up of artists from international and Indian backgrounds. Among other performances, the festival highlights the jazz era, when India moved to the tunes of the maestros of time.

This article was first published on Times of india on 16th dec 2017

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