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Camp Crazy

Camp Crazy

Come May and it is the summer camp season. Many if not most camps are organised for kids. From academic camps, adventure camps, arts camp to sports camps, the options are varied. Summer camps are one of the best ways kids get to spend their summer vacations. These camps were started with an aim to let the kids get a bit of peak into things that they can learn apart from academics. Apart from various schools organising such events, Goa Bal Bhavan, Youth Hostels association of India, NGOs etc take active part in coming up with interesting projects.

Gone are the days when camps centred round only with setting up tents in remote areas and sitting around bonfires in the nights or taking your water colours and drawing books to learn new techniques of painting. With white water rafting and other river sports introduced in the last few years, the options are numerous now, be it rock climbing, canoeing, biking, scuba diving, white-water rafting, computer programming, activities for children with special needs and the traditional options like acting, art, dance, sports, music and writing.

Teachers, parents, psychologists and children themselves have realized the importance of summer camps as places where they get to channelize their lives for long-term benefits and balance the act of enjoyment and constant productive learning. Summer camps help children to reconnect with people and help them make friends. They are known for providing a safe environment where children gain self-confidence as they learn new skills. There is no specific age that is ideal for starting camp. Making the decision about whether or not your child is ready for camp depends on the type of camp you are considering.  In addition, your child’s unique development should be a strong indicator of when your child is ready to go to camp.  It is a good idea to contact the camp directors at camps you are considering toget their perspectives on the types of milestones that your child should achieve before she attends a particular camp.

All different types of children thrive in a camp setting.  If your child is shy, camp may help her develop skills so she is more comfortable in her social environment. Organizers of camps should be sensitive to your child’s unique personality. As you are deciding on a particular camp for your son or your daughter, be sure to ask the organizers what steps he or she would recommend to help your child’s transition into the camp environment.

If your child is going to attend a residential camp, it is normal that he/she experiences some homesickness.  It is important to talk with the organizers about the approach they take for dealing with homesickness at camp.  It is important to talk with campers about strategies to deal with homesickness before they go to camp.  It is found that this approach helps campers to better recognize their feelings and work through their homesickness with the support of caring staff members.

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