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The myriad expressions of Goan art

The myriad expressions of Goan art

Goa is teeming with talent in art and this can be seen in the various exhibitions across the state. One such exhibition ‘Myriad Expressions’ truly brings together the young minds of the state’s art scene to show what contemporary Goan art is made of

Naguesh Rao Sardessai
Ujwala Art Gallery, Vagator, is hosting an exhibition of paintings of young Goan artists. Titled ‘Myriad Expressions’, the gallery has showcased over thirty-five works of art produced by twenty talented artists.
The show actually has numerous expressions on display that gives a gist of what the Goan creative practitioners are preoccupied with and their individualistic modes of communicating independent concepts.
Ajaysingh Kothawale, Aadhi Vishal, Dilesh Hazare, Osborne Carvalho, Norman Tagore, Vasudev Shetye, Vallabh Namshikar, Manjunath Naik, Sripad Gurav, Hitesh Pankar, Salvador Fernandes, Apeksha Nadkarni, Praveen Naik, Rajesh Chodankar, Kalanand Shridhar KamatBambolkar, Damodar Madgaonkar and Vijai Bhandare represent the young and enthusiastic artists from the pool of talent.
Besides this, Mohan Naik and Wilson D’Souza find a place in the display as the duo played a major role in conceptualising this show.
Most of the works touch upon the social aspects and attempt to make a subtle comment, while Dilesh, Norman, Vasudev, Mohan, Vallabh, Salvador, Apeksha and Kalanand preferred to focus on capturing the essence of reality. Dilesh’s forceful lines and the depiction of a sensual act accentuated by apt heritage sculptural pieces instigate the curiosity. Norman’s confident lines, Salvador’s interesting execution, and Apeksha’s mystical brushstrokes call for attention. Besides this, Vallabh’s fishing trawlers washed in blue, Kalanand’s semiabstract works embellished with dash of appealing hues, along with Vasudev’s suggestive landscapes satiate the aesthetic hunger.
Sripad’s depiction of laidback Goan life, Aadhi’s take on the ‘Selfie’ craze, Praveen’s ‘True Nature’ and ‘Queen’ and Manjunath’s ‘Maria’s Fantasy’ are a comment on the current human mindset and self-centered nature that’s catching up too fast and corroding the old camaraderie.
Osborne and Ajaysingh have put up some interesting creative works.
Damodar’s ‘Morality Pressure in Me’ talks of the identical issue but from his own point of view. This large sized work washed in beige exhibits the issues confronting an individual. Vijai is an avid observer. The works ‘Francis’ and ‘Capitao II’ are good examplesof the intelligent use of measured lines and black ink to bring out the character of the subjects.
Hitesh’s large sized, soft hued, tapestry influenced work titled ‘Fragrance of Love’ is appealing. Rajesh expresses through mythical tales and classical forms. ‘Hansa and Damayanti’ is an apt example.
Mohan’s trademark rural life executed in typical Indian style draws the connoisseurs’ attention. Wilson’s ‘You E Here’ is a maze of lines and forms touched with subtle pencil shade.
For those who want to get a gist of what contemporary Goan art is all about, a visit to the Myriad Expressions’ is as a must.

(‘Myriad Expressions’ will be on display at the Ujwala Art Gallery, Vagator, till March 20.)

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