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The show must go on

The show must go on

Monday morning saw the world wake up to the headlines that Papa Wemba was no more. Now it comes as no surprise that this, in the grand scheme of things, made a smaller dent than a few announcements that were its predecessors. In truth, few knew of the Congolese singer who was also referred to as the ‘King of Rhumba Rock’. However, he was one of Africa’s most popular musicians and a leading figure in the World Music scene, who had been a constant member of Stevie Wonder’s tour group and had even earned a gold disc for his collaboration with music legend, Peter Gabriel. Papa Wemba collapsed on stage on Sunday, where he passed away, after singing his third song.

2016 is no stranger to the news of musicians passing away though. In recent times, when getting on social media, there’s always the creeping in of dread, with thought of “What musician died today?” in the back of one’s mind, and the hope of not finding one’s favourite artistes in the trending topics. Only last week, the world mourned the passing of Prince, who was the holder of an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and seven Grammys. He too, was far from the last casualty of this year of dread, with other legends such as David Bowie, Merle Haggard, Frank Sinatra Jr, Glenn Frey, Lemmy and Scott Weiland, amongst a fair number of others in niche genres.

Café speaks with some of Goa’s younger generation of musicians, and gets their take on which of these heroes (now no longer with us) influenced them, and how

For me, the bulk of what I grew up on in the ‘70s ‘80s, was music that had a very gospel-like vibe. The only one who did that, from that list of those that have passed this year, was Glenn Frey, with the Eagles. He was the key behind their dynamic harmonies, and I think that all musicians, on the local scene, end up playing at least one track by the Eagles. Right from Hotel California to love will keep us alive, to Tequila Sunrise, that band had all kinds of genres. When it comes to lyrics and chordal arrangements, Glenn Frey was a great influence.
Marwino Da Costa

For me, it was definitely Glenn Frey. He made me fall in love with country music. Over time, I’ve realised that this is one of my strengths as a performer, and I only discovered that thanks to Glenn Frey.
Axel D’Souza
Independent Artiste

To be honest, I haven’t given them much time to influence me the way most people have been by these great musicians. But the musicians I love and look up to, they look up to these legends in turn. I have heard their music and I love it, but haven’t really been influenced greatly. I love Bowie and his style of singing and his ideology. I love how Prince could play so many instruments and was a master at creating such great music. Some of their songs that I love, purple rain (why would that not be here), musicology. Rebel rebel by Bowie. They’re in my playlist.
Dunstan Dias
The Suspects

I would definitely say Glenn Frey, primarily because of the harmonies and melodies that he influenced. I also think that he was lyrically spot on. As such, I think I could say, with ease, that he was my greatest influence.
Pierre Fernandes
The Ka3aoke Co.

Definitely Prince, because of his song, Purple Rain which I love. He’s one of the musicians by whom I’ve been influenced, because his music was just what I wanted to listen to as I was growing up. I love funk, rock, R&B and soul. I used to just gaze at his band, The Revolution. This has taught me a lot. As a musician one needs to observe other musicians, the way they execute a show, with love and feeling. I want to be an entertainer like him, perhaps someday.
Rosswyn Fernandes
Rhythm and Blues

I’ve been influenced by all of them, in some way or the other. Prince and Bowie for the style and the live performances. Frey and Weiland for the songwriting, and Lemmy for the attitude. All of them have influenced bands and musicians for years to follow so it’s hard pick one.
Dushyant Purohit
Independent Artiste

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