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This Woman’s Spectacular Walk From Mumbai To Goa Will Dare You To Do Something Different

This Woman’s Spectacular Walk From Mumbai To Goa Will Dare You To Do Something Different

Aanchal Dhara did something incredible. She went on a traveling expedition from Mumbai to Goa. But what made her voyage different from similar ones out there was the fact that she covered the distance on foot. A journey that spanned across 26 days ended on a high note of success and a dream finally coming true.

A photographer and walker by profession, Aanchal launched ‘The Audacious Project’ with her husband Prashant, which “challenges the human potential” and takes one on a ride of a lifetime all through to the “edge of ‘Whoa'”.

For Aanchal, walking became a passion and a lifestyle choice. And one fine day, an idea clicked that she should walk from Mumbai to Goa. Her supportive husband kick-started the planning, figured out the distance, booked sessions with a physiotherapist so that Aanchal could be as prepared as a fine droplet of dew on a summer morning.

In an interview with Celebrate Life, Aanchal spoke about her experiences and how it all began:

And voila! A practice walk from Mumbai to Pune and some 150-odd kilometers later, Aanchal was ready to put her ambitious plan into action. She was well prepared – she had learnt the art of walking that required her to take frequent breaks, massage her feet with petroleum jelly, and drink lots of water.

D-day finally arrived. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Here’re some snippets from Aanchal’s trip from Mumbai to Goa that she documented on Facebook, one walk-a-day at a time.
1. Day 1: Walking the first leg of the route
Day 1
Day 1a
2. Day 5: Climbing up the Lonavala Ghats
Day 5
Day 5a
3. Day 7: Record-breaking walk past Pune
Day 7
4. Day 10: Realising it’s not always a cake’walk’
Day 10
Day 10a
5. Day 13: Crossing the half-way mark of the journey
Day 13
6. Day 16: Savouring free sugarcanes from kind sellers
Day 16
7. Day 19: Weeping tears of joy for the most beautiful sunset ever
Day 19
8. Day 21: Making way into strangers’ hearts, and homes
Day 21
9. Day 24: Sniffing the waft of the sea that’s two days away
10. Day 25: Dreaming into reality
Day 25
11. D-Day: Living the dream
Aanchal’s journey made her more patient and more grounded in reality. It’s wonderful how simple things like a “beautiful cobweb on a wall” can be life-changing. The people she met, the interactions she had, and the walk she walked together made Aanchal a better human being.

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