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Vazra Sakla Falls

Vazra Sakla Falls

Images courtesy of Nirmal Kulkarni, Nicole Suares and Raghavendra Bhujl

Vazra falls- a habitat saved by Swapnagandha

The Vazra Sakla Falls at Chorla Ghat, one of the most attractive landmarks of the region, lie on the fringes of the
Goa-Maharashtra-Karnataka borders. Cascading from a height of 143 metres and fed by the Haltar nullah, the waters
of these twin falls join the Valvanti River in Virdi village in Maharashtra. The rock faces and cliffs that surround Vazra Falls are also home and nesting grounds of the Long Billed Vulture, an endangered species in Asia.

Distance from Panaji: Around 57 Km

Best time to visit: During the monsoons- June to October

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