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When in Goa, ditch the beaches and do these 5 things instead

When in Goa, ditch the beaches and do these 5 things instead

Chances are you’re heading to Goa only for the beaches (or maybe the cheap alcohol) but hey, wait a second- everyone else is too.

Do you really want to spend your three days away from the monotony of daily life jostling for space in crowded shacks and dirty beaches?

Yeah, we didn’t think so, either.

But, fret not. Goa is so much more than its beaches. Give them a miss this time and head out for these five adventures instead.

We get you the lowdown.

Celebrate the spirit of Goa at the Goan carnival:
The Goan Carnival is a five day celebration of music, dance, food and drink. Celebrated at the start of the 40-day Lent period, this is an example of what Goa stands for more than anything.

Take a walk through Old Goa, explore the Latin Quarters and marvel at Portuguese architecture:
This time around don’t let the exploring play second fiddle to anything (especially not beaches). Incase you’ve already visited the Basilica of Bom Jesus and the Church of St. Francis of Assisi right across it, don’t worry- there’s plenty more. Next on your list? The Church of St. Augustine, Chapel of Mount Mary, the Statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Viceroy Gate

And, how could we forget a walk through Fouintainhas, the oldest surviving Latin Quarters? Take pictures, talk to people, soak in all the architecture, Goa is waiting for you to devour it.

Go trekking and hiking:
Goa is a state that boasts of diverse geographical distributions thus providing you the perfect landscape for treks, hikes or just random exploring on foot. The areas around the Chorla Ghats are perfect for this. Or you could also ask the locals for information on which spots are best suited for the activity you desire. Get your boots ready!

Tour of a spice plantation:
Hear us out- if you’re interested in food history and culture, this should be something you’ll love. A visit to any of these farms, usually in the area around Ponda will require a day’s trip and will comprise a guided tour of the processing plants, long walks exploring the plantations, a sneak-peak into what’s cooking inside a traditional Goan kitchen and here’s the best part- it ends with the most delicious Goan meal you can ever think of.

Go kayaking and make friends with the Hot Air Balloon:
This time ensure that you get up, close and personal with Goa’s rivers by embarking on a solo kayak. Yes, you heard us.
For your help, Goa Kayaking’s services are available on the Zuari, Sal, Mandovi and Nerul rivers throughout the year.
Once you’re done kayaking, don’t forget you have to get high too. In a hot air balloon, we mean. Ditch parasailing and instead be prepared to try a completely new way to explore the state and enjoy breathtaking 360 degree views, either first thing in the morning or last thing in the night.

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