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Women need to cross mental fear: Maithili

Women need to cross mental fear: Maithili

Maithili Bhobe, one of the stars at Mahindra Great Escape 2018, feels more and more ladies should participate in these kind of events so that they lose their fear

 Are women equally competent withmen in the off-road events? This has been proved by Maithili Bhobe after winning the Mahindra Great Escape semi-final round held in South Goa on Sunday. The final will be held next year at Igatpuri, Nashik.

Maithili, a residence Ribandar, was at her best after she crossed four of the five stages without any hesitation and fear. The fourth round was the toughest as the full track was filled with water, which needed extra efforts and experience. However, for Maithili it was not so tough with her husband (Kapil) as her co-driver. “I did not manage to cross the first hurdle as it was just the beginning. The track was not that difficult but my vehicle was a stock (not modified) one.

Since it didn’t have any lockers it lost power on the climb and it slipped and hit the bunting and I had to opt out. But it was an open mind after that and I decided to go all out. I managed to cross the next three hurdles very easily taking advantage of the maximum number of flags”, Maithili said.

Maithili has won this event held in Goa three years in a row and is also competing for the final this year. She has also won in Lonavala in 2015.

The Mahindra Great Escape is held every year.

A look at the track often brings fear in the mind of a driver. Did she feel the same? Maithili was honest and brave enough to admit that “sometimes there are two minds but after all it depends on overcoming the mental fear.”

“Along with my husband Kapil, I have been participating in most of the off road driving events held all over India. This is my fifth time I am taking part in this event (Mahindra Great Escape). I have won more than ten trophies overall and hope I can make it to the podium at Nashik and increase my tally in the final”, she quipped.

“The track was very good but challenging. But with the help of my co-driver (my husband) I managed to cross it very easily. He is excellent as a co-driver and helps me a lot especially on a hard track.Usually when we have two events at two different locations we participate separately in two different vehicles but this is the first time that we both are participating in the same vehicle”, she added.

“We go for trials on Saturday/Sundays with family and friends from where we gain experience. If we see a hurdle on the way we try to attempt it from where we get a hang over it,” Maithili told Herald Cafe.

How far are women compared to the male participants in the off-road events? Maithili informed that every event she participates her score is more than the stock category which shows that females too are capable of tough challenges.

“I feel that more and more ladies should participate in these kind of events so that they lose their fear”, she added.

Besides Maithili there was another female participant in the event.


This article was first published on Herald Cafe on 10th July 2018

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