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Flyin Munki

Flyin Munki is a Goan street artist, illustrator and art director with a repertoire of incredibly bold murals. Sometimes his work includes elements from current social or political happenings.

With city-dwellers flocking Goa for their getaway, the Flying Munki graffiti outside Prison Hostel in Anjuna, Goa is an easy catch! While driving past the road, these 3 brightly painted monkey faces not only turn heads but also lead them to a world of interpretation!

Where Can We Arty In Goa

When you think of Goa your mind is probably filled with pictures of golden beaches fringed by palm trees and little else, but this south Indian state has a lot more to offer than just its natural attractions – including some excellent art.
If you’re keen to discover some of its creative gems during your cultural holiday in Goa, the best places to visit and things to see – you may be surprised by just how much art is on offer here.
Sunaparanta: Goa Centre for the Arts – Altinho
Kala Academy: Goa
Art Chamber: Calangute
Art Chamber: Calangute
Gallery Gitanjali:Fontainhnas
Art Resort: Palolem
Carpe Diem:Art and Learning Center – Majorda
Cheshire Cat Gallery:The SeShah House

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