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Ashvek Vintage Car Museum

Ashvek Vintage Car Museum

Ashvek Vintage World is a Vintage Car Museum situated in Nuvem, Salcete, Goa. It is Goa’s first and only vintage car museum that showcases over a dozen vintage cars sourced from Goa or neighboring areas like Kholapur, Belgam and Sawantwadi.

Situated on the Panaji & Madgaon highway, the Ashvek Vintage World museum was set up by Pradeep Naik to spread awareness about vintage cars amongst the youth. It takes up restoration and preservation of vintage cars and some of the cars restored here are in excellent working condition and can be hired out for weddings, movie shoots or simply for joy rides.

At the Vintage Car museum one can see models such as the Chevrolet Fleet master that was popular in the 1930’s America as Mafia staff car, Mercedes Benz 170 of 1939 vintage which was actually used in the movie Sea Wolves Morris Van Essex (1924), Ford V8, Peugeot 301, Austin 1928 and the Morris 8.

The museum also displays the Vidal Tempo of 1936 sourced from the Maharaja of Sawantwadi that is one of the most interesting one built as command car of the Nazi army. It is the car with two engines – the only in the world and is also the world’s first four wheel drive.

The Ashvek Vintage World is also a pioneer in organizing vintage car rallies in Goa. The money sourced from restoration and preservation is reinvested in maintaining new and existing cars. The museum is open all days from 9am to 6pm except for Sundays. Read More+


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