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Galgibag Beach Goa

Galgibag Beach Goa

Possibly the most better-known name of Turtle Beach. It is so deserted and untouched by development. You can visit this beach in January and February to see the turtles nesting and hatching. Visitors are not to disturb the turtles so that the conservation program can continue its successful work. A few shacks at the southern end help fresh seafood at excellent prices.

Like Agonda beach Galgibaga beach is far from being that secluded place, where one should spend an hour making his or her way through the jungle just to find that spot. This beach isn’t far away from the main road.

What makes this place special and why we like it so much is that again there are almost no people. One of the reasons why it’s like that is because of protected sea turtle nests, that are right on this beach. Olive Ridley turtles have been coming here and laying their eggs for a long time already. And now government is thinking about limiting tourist activities even more.

Getting to Galgibaga beach. If you are traveling by bus, go to Canacona and then there you will find a bus going to Galgibaga beach. On a motorcycle again it’s a very easy task to get there. Because there is only one road going parallel to the beach and only at the very end of the beach there is a smaller crossroad going to the beach itself.

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