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Games of Goa Festival

Venue Change Alert – Games of Goa Festival to be held at Lotoulim.

Soul Travelling in association with Dattaprasad Shetkar is organising Games of Goa
Festival on the 23rd and 24th of February, 2019

Ancestral Goa, Lotoulim – Goa, February 21, 2019

Soul Travelling and Dattaprasad Shetkar, the organisers of the Games of Goa Festival, would
like to bring to the notice of the visitors and general public of Goa that there is a change in
the venue for festival to be held on 23rd and 24th Feb 2019.

Earlier it was slated to happen at the SAG Grounds, Campal Panaji Goa. But due to
unavoidable circumstances the venue has been shifted to Sanskruti Bhavan, opposite Big
Foot, Ancestral Goa at Lotoulim in South Goa.

Games of Goa Festival will be a two day extravaganza of traditional Goan games. Visitors will
get a chance to learn and play 21 different indoor and outdoor games. The venue will have
dedicated spaces for each game. The volunteers aided by printed displays and how to play
the game videos will help visitors learn and play games such as:
– Logorio/ Lobyo/ Nokoryo , Taablaam/ Taabul Fale, Gud Follam/ Gajre, Tiktem, Waagaani,
Koinde Baal ( gilli danda), Bodyaani (Goan hopscotch), BaDyaani (sticks), Vhiraani (broom
sticks), GunDyaani/ Faatraani/ Jhirkyo, Mithaa Khel / Mith Fale, Khaambyaani (pillars),
Biyaani (cashew nuts), Kovchyaani (bangle pieces), SuNe aani HaaDuk (Dog and bone),
VeTaani, Ringaani, Combya Zhuz (human cock fight) etc.

The team has documented the games in terms of the rules of playing. The video
documentation will also happen so that first time players can pick up the game and start
playing. Besides the games, memorabilia such as Piradyachi bats (cricket bats made from
coconut leaf stalk), Gofins (catapult), aate (metal rings), tyres, fotaas, jhopale (swings), score
cards, stalls of art toys, coconut leaf art etc. will keep visitors engaged. Different stalls with
authentic Goan food and snacks will add some food for thought and musical performance
areas where live music events will keep the visitors moving to the right tunes.

The event will also feature a Taablaam game competition on 23rd Feb afternoon.
Noted Goan singer & musician Varun Carvalho will perform at the event and has
also composed the anthem song for the games, Khell Goem. The mascot for the festival
‘Piken’ will await the arrival of visitors.

More information about the event and details of the games along with fun trivia, exciting
contests and videos are posted on Facebook page of Soul Travelling at is available at the
Facebook page of Soul Travelling – and
instagram handle The event is supported by
92.7 Big FM.

Media Contact:
Dattaprasad Shetkar – 7020793498
Varun Hegde – 7378301863

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