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Ladki Falls, Surla

Ladki Falls, Surla

Images courtesy of Rajan Parrikar

The Ladki Falls in Surla is a must in your itinerary. Cascading at an elevation of 800 m above sea level, Surla is one of the State’s highest villages. Nestled in the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary and surrounded by mixed moist deciduous and semi evergreen forests, getting to these beautiful falls involves a trek up the mountain pass of Chorla Ghat and crossing into Karnataka, before a forked path brings you back to Goa and to this tiny hamlet hidden in the hills.

Best Season: Monsoons. Trekking can be done all the year round.

Entry Fees of Rs.20 per person
How to Reach:

From 3rd Railway gate head Towards Peeranwadi take a right turn which further leads to VTU heading straight to Jamboti 20kms towards Kankumbi (17 kms) heading towards 9 kms Sural village.

There is check post, before you reach check point 600 meters before you can find Delta valley Resort from where one can trek to the falls.

For the full view of water falls one needs to go ahead straight from Delta valley about 600 meters and after check post; one can see name board Sural village.
Take left turn before check post which leads you into the village ahead straight for around 2kms. One can see a temple exactly in center of village.

Keep left and continue heading North for 1 km and the first left leads you to huge Plateu where one can park vehicles and find the beautiful mesmerizing view of Sural water falls.


Detla valley provides normal snacks, egg omelet, bhaji, tea etc

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