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Rented scooters or motorcycles in Goa

If you want to roam around Goa, renting a scooter or motorcycle is definitely the best option. Economically too, it’s the best bet for a local tour. If you plan to spend most of your time lying on the beach, you may have little use for a motorcycle, but if you want to move around a bit, follow the parties, check out the scene and restaurants at different beaches or head inland for the day, you’ll soon find it’s a hassle without your own transport. The freedom that a motorcycle affords is hard to beat. Visitor riding rented motorbikes near Arambol beach, Goa. However, you should carry your domestic or international driver’s licence to rent or ride anything beyond a 25cc moped. You may, otherwise, find yourself giving unnecessary explanations to police officials. Moreover, you should posses some evidence of rental and insurance of your vehicle. Rates differ according to the season, the vehicle and the period you rent it for. Do confirm though that no part of the vehicle is damaged at the time of hire.

Auto rickshaws in Goa

A typical Indian mode of transport, auto rickshaws are considered the best options for short trips. An autorickshaw is a yellow-and-black three-wheeled contraption powered by a noisy two-stroke motorcycle engine. It has a canopy, a driver up front and seats for two (or sometimes more) passengers behind. Autorickshaws standing near Panjim Bus Station. These three-wheeled vehicles, run by the meter, charge per kilometer. You can take autorickshaws from airports, bus stands or railway stations. Even these autorickshaws are available in shopping markets and also on various places. Autorickshaw is cheaper than a taxi and generally a better option for short trips.

Taxis in Goa

If you love doing things in style, taxis are the best option. Most taxis in Goa don’t go by the meter. If taxis do not have meters, you must decide the fare beforehand. If you feel you are being duped, do not have any qualms about arguing. Moreover, you are expected to have some knowledge of the “official fare”. If you are carrying luggage, your fare will be more. In any case, you should use your negotiation skills to strike the right deal.

Buses in Goa

Bus travel in Goa is cheap and enjoyable. A ride on a bus is a unique experience as it gives you the real feel of the Goa. You can take in the rich sights on your travel. Most of the roads in Goa are motorable which makes bus travel easy. Buses in Goa are operated both by the state and private corporations. The Kadamba Transport Corporation (KTC) is the state government’s bus service. KTC shuttles are best for travelling between the hubs. You can board these buses from any major tourist location in Goa. But you ought to know the timings to avoid being stranded.

Ferries in Goa

Flat-bottomed ferries are Goa’s predominant mode of transport. One of the joys of traveling around Goa is joining locals on flat-bottomed passenger-vehicle ferries that cross the state’s many rivers. Ferries have been commuting people across waters for decades, but services are gradually being put out of business by massive bridge-building projects, the most recent being the ominous Aldona-Corjeum bridge. These blue-painted hulks are cheap and run from early morning till late evening. The most frequented river crossings in Goa are Panaji to Betim, across the Mandovi (every 15 minutes); Old Goa to Divar Island (every 15 minutes); Querim to Terekhol over Tiracol river (every 30 minutes) and Cavelossim to Assolna (every 20 to 30 minutes)

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