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Live Music By Art Escape

ART ESCAPE is an initiative driven by experienced professionals who have a passion for all forms of creative arts and have a desire to forever continue to meet interesting people, collaborate, learn and then share with individuals and communities.

It is a hub of creative activities like Art, Sculpture, Music, Theatre, Dance, Yoga, Recycling, Design, Innovation etc with onsite events & opportunities and also organized experiential workshops ranging of short durations. It’s your escape into a potentially creative experience. You could simply experience the events and workshops or choose to actively participate in them, taking back memorabilia and memories for a lifetime. At Art Escape, you could be our member, a walk-in guest, an artist seeking temporary residence, or you could be part of a group of any age. Kids especially will enjoy the wide-open spaces and the myriad opportunities to explore and express themselves through various experiential activities and workshops.

Rock Water Resorts & Sporting Heroes Rocks

Rock Water Resorts is set in a private 3000 square meters sea-facing property on the picturesque shores of Morjim beach. The resort features a spacious private parking, a beautiful sand garden and private entry to the beach in front. The huts sit along one side of the property with private balconies that face the garden. A path runs along the property leading up to The Sporting Heroes Rocks, the resort’s popular sports bar and grill, shaded under a thatched roof and that directly looks out to the ocean. The restaurant additionally offers sun-beds with personal service on the beach. An outdoor bar sits next to the restaurant where patrons may enjoy special cocktails and watch the various sporting events that are screened open-air.

Entry to the resort is through the back from the parking (located between Marbela Beach and Blue Waves on the small country road) or from the beach, easily identified by a large rock that forms the landmark for this resort, and after which the resort has taken its name


Panjim opened up the new season with some great International jazz in the heart of the city, at the beautiful Garcia de Orta Municipal Gardens near the Panjim Church, when jazz came into the public domain, with the Pommel Horse band from Switzerland. Conceptualized in a way to bring out the musicality of the city on to the public spaces of this beautiful city, the event brought people of all walks of life together, in the relaxed atmosphere of the gardens much to the delight of local as well as international jazz aficionados.

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