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Eight-year-old Abhimanyu Bose is Goa’s youngest motocross rider and one of the youngest in India. He recently participated at the Godspeed Invitational Motocross Goa 2018 and is now gearing up for the MRF National Supercross in the Junior SX2 category.

While eight-year-old Abhimanyu Bose may be a shy lad by nature, he shows a lot of confidence once he gets into his riding gear and wears his helmet. One of the youngest motocross riders in India, he prefers to show his skills on the track, leaving his audience awestruck. Originally from Panjim, Abhimanyu is the son of Anand and Sneha, who motivated his passion for riding. He recently displayed his talent at the Godspeed Invitational Motocross Goa 2018, where he soared high with his 50cc KTM dirt bike and was up against 16 other participants in the 50cc non geared class.
At the Godspeed Invitational Motocross Goa 2018, he jumped and throttled his way to pole position in the first race, missing a podium spot in the second by a whisker after his engine gave trouble. Still, on aggregate, he was awarded the third position overall. He also participated in the Junior SX 2 (65cc bikes and above) category that had experienced riders, jumping as high as all the other riders. He was the only rider with a non geared bike in this category.
The young biker only began riding competitively in April this year, at the MRF National Supercross in Margao. But he has been setting the stage for his success ever since he started riding at the age of three years. “When he was three, we noticed that Abhimanyu had a very good sense of balance on his bicycle so we got him a small electric bike when he was six years old. After six months of riding the electric bike, we bought him a 50cc KTM dirt bike. He loved the feel of the dirt bike and enjoyed riding. We built a small dirt track for him on which he used to ride on weekends,” says Anand. Abhimanyu is a student of class 2 at Shiksha Niketan School, Porvorim.
Anand goes on to explain how Abhimanyu went from practising his moves on a small dirt track to the race course. “In May 2017, I got in touch with the 2012 MRF National Motocross Champion Javed Sheikh from Goa and requested him to train Abhimanyu. Since then, Javed has taught him the basics of motocross riding. What he loves most about motocross is the speed and to take high jumps without fear. He practises at our dirt track in Sancoale on the weekends for about two hours each day,” adds Anand.
MRF national motocross champion Javed Sheikh is proud to have Abhimanyu under his wing. “We started small – how to take a jump, land safely and other skills. Abhimanyu was able to cope in just 2-3 months, so we moved forward with single jumps, table tops and double jumps. These are difficult but he managed and I have now even increased the height of the jumps,” explains Javed, who trains him for 2-4 hours every day. “If he dares to do something, he will go for it. In the future, Abhimanyu will surely win the national championship. This is our promise,” he adds.
Abhimanyu also trains in swimming every day for one and a half hours and loves colouring, cycling and surfing on the beaches of Goa. “We are extremely proud of our son. He is very passionate about riding and we shall always encourage him if he desires to pursue it further,” the proud father adds.
He’s now gearing up for the MRF National Supercross that will take place in Coimbatore in July, where he will compete in the Junior SX 2 category.


This article was first published on Herald Cafe on 05 JUN 2018

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