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San Thome Museum

San Thome Museum

The museum is a house of fusion of Knowledge and Heritage. Goa’s Heritage and Culture has influence of Indian, Portuguese, and British India. Unknowingly or by default our Ancestors were directly influenced by the gadgets imported during British and Portuguese rule. And directly imported by the 18th and 19th Century by the Sailors working on passenger ships now classified as Cruise Liners and those working in the Gulf and Middle Eastern countries in 20th century. It became prestigious to have these latest Inventions to be part of their houses and lifestyle, which were proudly displayed at social gatherings and family reunions. These continuous inventions influenced the daily lives of people to grow in prosperity, culture, status, wisdom, and intellect. It talks of God’s plan in the Bible of multiply, progress and prosper.

The 3G Mobile is the ultimate Gizmo in today’s world as most electronic and electrical inventions of daily use have found a home in it. All that is condensed to a microchip and housed in an approximate 2 inch x 4.5 inch gadget called the Cell phone. The same 3G Mobile is housed in San Thome Museum “Back in Time,” which is 20ft x 40ft x 3 levels of solid matter. One must see, experience, satisfy and testify to others so that this world is bonded by constructive minds of high standards & wisdom.

Work of God through hands of Thomas Antonio da Costa, an instrument of Knowledge and Heritage is must See at least once in a lifetime “Jewel in Goa’s treasure chest”. Read More+

Address: San Thome Museum, San thome Simplex, Chadwado, Varca, Salcete, GOA India. 403721
Phone: +91 9822363917 / 0832-2771000
Time: Open from Tuesday-Sunday, From 09.00 A.M – 08.00 P.M

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