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“SHE” – An Inspiration to “YOU” and “ME”

“SHE” – An Inspiration to “YOU” and “ME”

 “SHE” – An Inspiration to “YOU” and “ME”

Woman today have evolved greatly from all the spheres of life; they cater to different roles in their families and then to society at large, through their talents and hard work. Women are the pioneers of nation. Indian culture attaches great importance to Women, comprising half of world’s population. Women have made vast improvements in their lifestyle in the past few decades, from holding positions in Government to simple things like getting a job and supporting themselves. Today we have women in the field of Research, Teaching, Medicine, Sports, Business whose services in the respective fields are incredible; they not only contribute greatly professionally but also maintains a balance in their family lives. No relation in this world is complete without a woman.

Can you imagine a world without a woman? A woman has everything in her and that’s the reason “Womanhood” must be celebrated. She plays the role of a Loving Mother, a caring Sister, an understanding Wife and a Loving Daughter. She is well determined and has the capacity to deal patiently, the obstacles which gets through her way. To quote, Mother Teresa has been one of the inspiring woman in history; she was a living saint; she took care of the sick, the downtrodden; it was her immense passion and love for the poor that she became the change to the world. She inspires “YOU’’ and “ME” to “be the Change”.  “I alone cannot change the world but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples” (Mother Teresa).

Every women is an inspiration to another in one’s own little ways. It is said Daughters are very close to their fathers; I totally agree with this, My Dad was a very loving and caring person so dear to us in the family; He was our Pillar of Strength and Courage. I was very close to my Dad but I lost him at a very young age. His death brought tremendous pain and grief in the family. It came as a big blow to us, but my Mother was a very strong woman. She was a great source of inspiration, courage, love and kindness to us in the family. The journey was not so easy; but her love, kindness, caring nature, her simplicity, self-discipline and God fearing attitude played a great role in moulding me as a person today. Money is not everything. A sound mind and a healthy “You” are more important. My parents have always taught me and my brother, that health always comes first come what may. Stay healthy and fit for a better “YOU”. I’m highly indebted to my parents, siblings being their daughter and sister for their moral support and encouragement in every endeavour.

My Teachers at Mary Immaculate Girl’s High School, my Lecturers at Dhempe College of Arts and Science and at Goa University have played a great role in building “Me” both in Academics and as a Person; with all their discipline, teachings techniques, love, care and kindness. Not to forget, as women their services in the field of Teaching and Research have been incredible .Thus, women are a masterpiece of God’s grace. Their kind and loving nature soothes and heals your soul.

“Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the differences you make in people’s lives ‘” (Michelle Obama – US First Lady). I quote another memory while I was working as a Chemist a few years ago, to Tulip Diagnostics (P) Ltd- a Perkin Elmer Company at Verna. Our Sr. Manager HR Mrs Sharmila Nadkarni, was one of the most understanding woman and a very good human being that I came across while working as a Chemist. She accepted me the way I’m with my strengths and weaknesses; I still remember her words ‘Never give up because others see you as weak’. She had advised me saying “Continuous learning leads to continuous improvement; Commit yourself to advance your knowledge, your skills and expertise, in short be a lifelong student”. Her words so genuine and precise to the point, for the fact that the business environment keeps on changing quickly and the understanding of the leading practises, thinking and emerging tools will help oneself to organize for better results. Her impact on me is unexplainable, I see a different “Me” today. Thanks to Madam Sharmila Nadkarni. Money and power can never bring out a change but a woman with a compassionate heart combined with patience does.

All do not understand and accept a woman’s strengths and weaknesses. The world at large is harsh and cruel to women. Women need to be appreciated for their hard work and talents, their struggles needs to be solved. As a woman you have to look at your career and personal life at the big picture level; it’s a marathon; build the life you want to build with your talent and hard work.  Learn to defend yourself from any kind of negativity on your own without been dependent on others. Another woman who inspires me a lot is Dr. Sushila Fonseca, Practicing Pathologist. She has been a great source of inspiration to me ever since I was a kid to an adult today. Her passion towards her work, that love and dedication she shows towards her patients is amazing, literally no words to describe her efforts. Her perspective in looking at life through all the angles is inspiring especially to all the Women from different walks of life. A successful Pathologist, cheerful person with a smiling face and a very good sense of humour and yet a very kind hearted and supportive woman who inspires every women she comes across. Being a very good writer, Dr. Sushila Fonseca writes both fiction and non-fiction articles and books. I had the opportunity to read “The Pontin Secret” written by Dr. Sushila Fonseca, She is blessed with the talent of sharing her Knowledge and inspiring stories with the youth and society at large. I look upto her as a multitalented woman who blends her profession, her talents and home with hard work and care, dedication and love.

Get in touch with Women who inspire you. Keep learning, growing and evolving. Cultivate a network of trusted mentors and Colleagues. Other people can give us the best insight into ourselves and our limitations. Most important of all ‘’ don’t let anyone tell you, you’re weak because you are a woman”. Set your limits. Identify your strengths. “Passion is energy: Feel the power that comes from focussing on what excites you.” (Oprah Winfrey).

Don’t be scared of criticism …… through criticism you ought to mould your personality. Take Criticism seriously, but not personally. If there is truth in it, try to learn from it otherwise learn to let it go. Sometimes not only hard work but patience and sacrifice is needed. Be tough but compassionate; stand up for yourself and earn respect through hard work. Gender is a factor, so don’t let it trip you up.

In a world, where women are highly educated and self-independent, it is very important to maintain a healthy balance between family life and professional life. My very dear friend Mrs.Deepa Pai Dhungat, an Assistant Professor by Profession who is another perfect example of woman balancing home and profession with utter love, care and dedication. Few years back, while travelling to work at Verna through KTC buses, I came across this inspiring woman Mrs.Deepa Pai Dhungat. A woman full of positive energy and a sensitive heart, who always saw me struggling to catch a bus to reach on time at work in Verna, always use to accompany me with her in the car, her kindness overwhelming and all thanks to the car rides by Deepa from Niyaz junction at SantaCruz to Birla Cross at Verna. The car rides were enjoyable, Deepa being in the teaching field would share with me, her day to day interactions with her students and the society at large; her talks were inspiring and soothing, she loved music, in fact she would invest in “Me” as a person during the journey. I often use to be gloomy on a Monday but Deepa would get me refreshed and energised by saying “It’s all in the mind” and yes because of my dear friend Deepa slowly I started loving a Monday as well. She was the first woman who got it drilled into my head that a Monday is the first day of the week wherein, we are all set to begin with new possibilities and responsibilities. One woman inspired another. The imprints she left on my life are unforgettable. Such an understanding woman inculcated in me so many values through those car rides. She also taught me saying “Women can either build a home or break a home, be a light where people can see your love and kindness”. I cherish those memories with my Dear friend Deepa. Thanks to all the KTC buses that I missed, I met a wonderful woman.

As a woman, you first need to celebrate yourself. Accept and love yourself the way you are. Accept your strengths and weaknesses. Focus and build on your strengths. Maintain self-discipline. Work on your talents. Be unique in whatever you do. Remember you are a masterpiece of God’s Grace, you have the right to celebrate “You” and nobody can stop you from doing so.  As a woman learn to stay healthy and fit to shoulder your responsibilities to your family and to the world at large. Invest in your health by eating a healthy nutritious diet, drink plenty of water (minimum 3 Litres per day), Exercise daily, listen to music, enjoy the beauty of nature and most important of all a good sound sleep of 8 hrs. is a must to rejuvenate yourself, to face the new responsibilities and challenges. Chase away negativity with positivity and with a little sense of humour. Don’t forget to smile, it will keep you healthy and the world will learn to smile with you. CELEBRATE YOU.





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