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Terekhol River Goa

Terekhol River Goa

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Terekhol River is situated in west India. Its upper region is known as Banda River and in the lower end, it reaches towards Terekhol. It forms boundaries between Maharashtra’s Sindhudurg districts and also the northern Goa district region for a range of distances. This river rises in Manohargad environs in Western Ghats and it flows in south-western direction and gets convoluted with Arabian Sea.

Present Scenario

The present scenario of Terekhol River can be easily referred to the extraction of sand rampant extraction. This is also causing excessive damages to the environment in Pernem. Localities are unhappy about this and they have also claimed that senior officials are not paying attention to this issue. Moreover, during the monsoon period, excessive soil erosion takes place in Porascadem, Uguem, Mopa and Torxem areas in the Pernem. This has also caused a lot of damage to the agricultural land and has uprooted many coconut trees. Sand extraction is greatly flourishing in the Pernem Taluka. There are numerous gram sabhas that are opposing this activity and little has been done to stop this extraction. Few years ago, gram sabha of Torxem had come out against of sand extraction and then only, Mopa Panchayat had followed this suit. According to the localities, indiscriminate and excessive sand extraction in Terekhol River will be threatening the paddy cultivation along the coast of river. Besides this, plantations of areca nut are in great danger. There are numerous examples in which coconut uprooting along with the areca palms nut have been collapsed to a great level. Read more

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