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Three Kings Church, Cansaulim, Goa

Three Kings Church, Cansaulim, Goa

Image Credit: Ekta Sirohi

The Three King’s church stands on a hill top in the Cansaulim village. It is located in south Goa and just 10 kilometers from the Vasco-Da-Gama town. It is a place that can be described as a “haunted place with a view”. There are unconfirmed legend that, the spirits of three Portuguese kings – two were murdered and one committed suicide- still roam around in The Three Kings Church. However recently, I got a comment which explains that there are no connection between the murder of Kings and the church. According to the comment, the original name of the church is Remedios Saibini Church and the Ghost story is just an urban legend. Thanks to the anonymous commentator!

Three kings church celebrates the feast on on the 6th of Jan, when the 3 kings from different Kingdoms visited Baby Jesus to present him with gifts.

Even if you are not a fan of Ghost stories, this place is a must visit for the serene atmosphere and the charming view it offers. The greenery below the hills is a sight which cannot be described in words.

During the monsoons the view becomes particularly enchanting. Just like this small chapel in the valley which stands out in the lush green backdrop beyond the array of thin coconut trees. Read More+


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