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Dudhsagar Falls

The majestic and the most beautiful waterfall in Goa are these falls. Situated on the border of Goa and Karnataka, lies these Dudhsagar waterfalls, on the River Mandovi. It is just 46 km away from Madgaon railway station. The completely white look of the water seems to fall as if milk is flowing by, and thus names Dudhsagar (sea of milk). These waterfalls are most attractive during the monsoons when they speed up their flow and falls 310 meter down, making it the country’s fifth tallest waterfall.

Arvalem Falls

A short 10 minute drive from the Arvalem Caves near Sanquelim is where the Arvalem falls are situated. These falls are worth visiting post monsoons, as that is the time when the falls nosily make its way and are surrounded by greenery. They come down to a trickle during winters. These falls flow 50 meters down and are good enough for a day out for the local people.

Sada Falls

Sada falls are located in the Ghats of Chorla, it is situated 8 km away from a small village. People need to cross the streams in order to reach to the bottom of the waterfalls, which proves to be an exciting and adventurous journey. At the end of a long walk, through the streams, you witness the Saga falls falling in between from two adjacent hills.

Netravali Falls

The falls of Netravali are situated in Sanguem Taluka. It is over an area of 211 sq. km and is connected to Madei Wildlife Sanctuary. The government had announced the entire region to be under the wildlife sanctuary to protect the Western Ghat range. People get there through the sanctuary and walk through the waters and stand on an island type place and take the view of the surroundings around the falls.

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