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Xendrem Beach Goa

Xendrem Beach Goa

In fact, the names of the beaches are enough to reveal its unheard flavours (Read: Zorint, Canaguinim, Nuvem, Patnem, Xendrem and Vaturem). Here, feni is still homemade, and Fish Curry and Rice is staple food. After you are done combing these beaches, head to the coastline at Polem. It’s deserted, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to spot dolphins off its coast. The Galgibag beach is equally fascinating as it’s one of the nesting sites for the endangered Olive Ridley Turtles.

Next up, on your discovery are the fragrant forests to the east, where you will spot the Mallikarjun temple. In a unique, elaborate ritual, the idol is carried to the beach at Talpona for an annual dip in the Arabian Sea.

It is at Karnataka border. This beach is beautiful which you will find at Loliem village on the NH17 and then ask for directions from there. Be conscious that the water here is actually unsafe for swimming, with strong undercurrents and a quick drop from the beach. The sunbathing should more than makeup for it. Read more…

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